AWANA Registration

There is a registration fee of $10 per student. Please make checks payable to Calvary Baptist Church. In memo line, please write your child's name. You can mail it to Calvary Baptist Church, 624 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY 14301. We will register child upon receiving payment. Thank you.

  • registration

    If you would like to pre-register your child in our AWANA Club, you may do so by clicking here. Please view all forms below and fill all that apply to your child. Every child must have the handbook signed (see below) before we register them. Thank you.

  • Additional child registration

    To save on time from filling out long forms, if you have additional children to register, and their general information is the same as your first child, you may use this form to register them. Please continue to scroll below, to ensure all forms are filled in. Thank you.

  • Handbook

    Click here to view handbook. See below to sign handbook.

  • Sign Handbook

    Click here to sign handbook. This must be signed in order to register your child.

  • Van permission slip

    If you wish for your child to be picked up and dropped off, this form must be signed. If you wish for your child to ride in the van, you must notify your van driver by 3:00 p.m. that Wednesday. Note: if you drop your child off at AWANA, please do not assume there is room in the van for them to catch a ride home, you MUST speak to your van driver to make sure they have enough room that evening.